These are things I like and do.




I am Bailey.  Welcome to…  Bailey`s Fun Things!  Here is where you can let your brain out, like:  Exercise, watch movies and cool videos, and more!

I am almost 7 years old.  I like pasta, pizza, and creamed spinach.  I have a dog named Kippa.  I have Girl Scouts every other Sunday. I like Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving. I like to sing and make up songs. I like making movies too. I like to put on plays to entertain people. I like The Beatles and Popeye the Sailor Man. I like Disney Channel and Disney Pixar. I like traveling and going on adventures with my Dad. We once went to 5 amusement parks in one day on Father’s Day and another time we flew in a hot air balloon.

I think I’m going to love showing you Bailey’s Fun Things!!!