I really like pasta. I like pasta because it tastes soooo good. There’s so many different shapes that I can’t decide which one I like the most.


There’s spinach tortellini which is a pasta with spinach and cheese inside. There’s pumpkin ravioli which has pumpkin in it. There’s spaghetti which is shaped like a cylinder that is really long and floppy. There’s fettuccine which sounds like it has cheese in it but it is like spaghetti but flat. There’s ziti which sounds like it has spinach in it but they are actually just short tubes.

For Christmas I got a HUGE Santa bag full of different pasta in weird shapes. This is my dog Kippa with my pasta.


In my house my dad and I joke that he is the boss of everything but I am the boss of spaghetti. I get to say when we can eat it.

I even have games about pasta like Yeti in My Spaghetti and Don’t Drop the Meatballs.


I really like Alfredo sauce. Alfredo sauce is white and creamy and thick. I also like red sauce sometimes. Red sauce is red and it’s made from tomatoes. There’s another sauce that’s called pesto sauce and it is green and I don’t really eat it.

Sometimes I make homemade pasta. I have done it since I was three. Homemade pasta is the best because you put a lot of love into it. If it isn’t homemade and you get it from a store, they don’t put love into it because they don’t know who will get it.


I make dough and put it through machines and all that stuff. The machines are small. One flattens the dough and the other cuts it into pasta. And they are called rollers. You can do it all with your hands but this way is easier.


After it comes out of the machine you hang it on a rack while you make more.


I even make my own meatballs. My dad reaaaaally likes my meatballs.

On Christmas my dad and I make an Italian flag, even though we are not Italian. We are Irish and French. (It’s not a real flag. Just pasta.)


You make homemade pasta and put one third of pesto sauce, one third of Alfredo sauce and one third of red sauce.

It looks like an Italian flag.     3394996078_e5a7701c28.jpg

I sometimes make homemade pasta with my grandma and on New Year’s I made it with my uncle Patrick,

but usually I make it with my Dad who likes pasta as much as me.


IMG_1799.jpgOne place my Dad and I go to is Chili John’s. They serve anything with chili. I took my grandmother there two times.

What I like the most is spaghetti with chili and cheese and oyster crackers. That sounds like a weird combination but it’s soooooo delicious. Sometimes I even have it in my lunchbox. My dad puts the crackers and cheese in other containers.

They are really nice there and let me go behind the counter one time.

Sometimes I make homemade pasta for other people for a gift.


There is a simple recipe for pumpkin ravioli that kids can make. Here is the recipe right here. You don’t need to use machines for this because you use won-ton wrappers instead of making dough.

PUMPKIN RAVIOLI (my dad told me the amounts)

Version 2

1 16-ounce can of pumpkin

1/4 cup grated cheese

2 ground up Stella Doro Anisette cookies or 4 ground up vanilla wafers


Dash of Salt & Pepper

A little nutmeg if you want.


1 package of won-ton wrappers

1 beaten egg

Mix together all except the won-ton wrappers and egg. Take one won-ton wrapper then put a small spoonful of pumpkin mix in the center. IMG_3871.jpgThen paint a little egg on the edges with a paintbrush. Then fold two edges of the wrapper over onto the other two edges to make a triangle ravioli. Press the edges to seal it and put it on a cookie sheet while you make the others.

Put them in boiling water for 5 minutes or until they all float. Don’t cook them too long because they won’t be chewy enough.

I like to put them in brown butter sauce, which my daddy makes. Here is a recipe for that: Brown Butter Sauce. But I also put Alfredo sauce I guess. Or just butter and grated cheese.

These pumpkin raviolis are very easy and very, very fun for kids to make. You can also put ricotta and spinach inside.

I hope you have a fun time making these. Tell me if you like them too. They taste so good!


(My dad helped me put in the pictures.)