On Saturday I stayed home and played video games. I got a new video game! It was Lego Star Wars. I watched a show called Unwrapped 2.0, which is about how factories make food and sweets. I think this is a show kids would like.

Sunday was a busy day (but the good kind.)

I went to Girl Scouts and sang Christmas songs for old people at the senior citizen center. My dad is my troop leader. It made me and the people we visited feel good.


Then I went to see The Nutcracker at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. I see it every year with my dad. Sometimes I go with my friend Gable too.

Version 2

This time it was at a different theater than I usually go to. The mice in this Nutcracker didn’t look the same as they usually look because the other ones looked more real and these ones looked more like cartoons.

Then I saw Amelie: A New Musical on stage. Amelie was a movie about a French girl that had big dreams but she was a little bit shy. Last year, in 2015, I went to Paris with my dad and we went to the cafe in the movie.


We recreated some scenes from the movie. It was fun.


I even danced there when they were closing the cafe. Here is a video: Dancing at Cafe de Deux Moulins

Santa gave me an early present with the tickets to the musical about the movie at the Ahmanson Theater. I sat in the front, right in the middle.


They were the best seats. Before the show I talked to people in the orchestra.


The play was funny. I thought it was funnier than the movie. Amelie had a fish and the fish was funny in the play.

At the end of the play when I was clapping, an actor waved at me. Then I talked to the conductor who was a lady. I talked about when I went to the cafe in Paris. She gave me a poster from the musical.


I had a good weekend! Did you have a good weekend too?